Author Topic: slowest clinic I've ever been to or heard of to get to stable dose  (Read 556 times)

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How quickly do y'alls clinics up folks? The clinic i just started is SO slow that it's gonna be 12 weeks before I'm at my stable dose of 120 mgs.

First of all, they started me at 25mgs on my first day (6' tall, 185 lbs with a large tolerance) and my wife on 30mgs (5'5", 125ish with small tolerance). We've literally split the last of our H/fent before and she fell out and I didn't even get a buzz or a rush at all. Had to breathe for her and give her quarter of a suboxone while driving to emergency room when she eventually started coming to about 5 mins after giving her the sub. (Don't know if that's safe or not but I really think it's what brought her back around). Anyway, that's another story.

They up u 5mgs every 3 days at first but won't up u on a Sat or Sun so I stayed at some low doses for 4 or 5 days. Then, when u get to 60mgs, they up u 5mgs every 5 days (or that's what they tell u). Right now, I'm getting my 5mg increase on Mondays and since they won't up me on Sat or Sun, I'm only going up 5mgs every 7 fucking days....I'd rather go up 1mg a day to go up 7mgs every week instead of 5mgs every week.

Today makes 5 wks and I'm still at 85mgs and won't go up to 90 until Monday. I might get in trouble tomorrow or Monday 'cause I cussed the nurse out when she said the doctor said I can't go up on Saturday. Told em they need to quit lying to folks cuz they told me 5mgs every 5 days not every 7 days.

They said when u get to 100mgs, u have to stay there either a week or two before you can get an increase of 5mgs. So best case scenario, I'll be at my stable dose at 12 wks. That's unacceptable IMO to wait 3 fuckin months to get to your stable dose. I really take at least 160mgs of 'done when I get it on the street but I wanna stay at 120mgs like I've done at other clinics. If your dose is 160-200mgs or more, it would take 4 or 5 months or more to get to your stable dose.

I failed my 1st drug test for THC only and passed my last drug test. I should pass my next one too but I don't think you can get take homes (like u get after 2 negative UAs) until you're at your stable dose and not going up anymore. Does anyone know if that's true at their clinic?

So what's the slowest it's ever taken you guys to get to your stable dose?

I guess I'm gonna go to pain mgmt. and try to get put back on 'done for pain. Probably only get 4 a day but that'll help me not crave dope so bad and might be able to make some extra $$$ when I get to a stable dose at the clinic, especially if I get something for b/t pain too. Their handbook says they only check the PMP once a yr so I should be ok if the pain mgmt. doc gives me 'done. If not, I'll have to give a non-using friend whatever the dr gives me so I can pass/be positive for whatever he writes me.

Sorry for the long thread but I'm still pissed about not being able to get my increase tomorrow.


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