Author Topic: it's 2019. Have you Read Alvin Tofler's FUTURE SHOCK ? let me blow your mind  (Read 4 times)

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if anybody is interested in what I sadly and reluctantly have to share, please reply to this post.

Have I ever lied to you ? Fuck, I built this website for you, does that buy me any credits ?

I will break it down for you if you are brave enough to encourage me !

Are we all not addicted to drugs ? Have we all not been ripped off ? Don't we all HATE the fucking ugly system of PROHIBITION and getting FUCKED up the ARSE for the drugs we so need and yes, CRAVE ?

We have all been attacked, no HIJACKED, i mean (it's a basic neurological response when drugs change your priorities and reprogram your motivational pathways) with the addiction experience - we have all spent a fortune and paid willingly to nasty, greedy, fucked up DEALERS that get to us in their own sweet fucking time when we are sick and vulnerable ... does this sound TRUE to you ? it sure is fucking true to me. If not, then you are either naive or too fucking young so fuck off !.

Do they not exploit you when they can ? sell you crap when you don't deserve it ?

if you identify with this this then you know that I am to be trusted - if not, then you are naive or so fucking young you can fuck OFF again.

reply to this post if you have a heart and some FUCKING TESTICLES and let me blow your mind with information that you can trust 100% !

you will not believe what I am about to spill, it will blow your mind more than any Tryptamine, Phenethylamine, Canninioid or Hallucinogen WILL EVER DO ('cause this truth is for fucking CUNTS uunfortunately forEVER !

ANYONE ? ha, i doubt it. lame.

you are not a bad machine.

drugs do this to us.

so do you trust me 100% ?

if you do then please join this post. if not, i'll fucking shut this joint now FOREVER. blackmail ? you ain't seen nothing yet !
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