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« Reply #14 from previous page: June 06, 2017, 11:16:04 PM »
Louisiana has one of these too but I don't know what the actual name is like a 5150 in Cali or a Marchman act in Fl. or whatever.  I got held on one myself after going to my counselor for help after being attacked. She thought I was hallucinating or something BC I was high and that my injuries were self-caused. Nevermind the fact I'm not a self-harming person and haven't done that Shit since I was like 13.   I was high, true, but I had just been through a traumatic experience and had gone to someone i trusted to ask for help and advice on whether i should seek "official " help.  So when I was actually raped at gunpoint a year later I didn't tell anyone and didn't go to the cops or hospital BC I was an addict still and figured I'd just end up back in some mess like the first time. People seem to confuse opiate use and insanity. While being an addict might not be "sane" it also does not equate to not having an understanding of reality, the world around you, and your own self. I was perfectly capable of making decisions and taking care of myself but they treat you like just because you use drugs you literally are not able to function or think straight. It's bizarre and incredibly frustrating to be treated like a child who doesn't know what is in their best interest.

I'm so so sorry that you had to go through that. I'm sorry for the loss of your husband too. Even with the narcan right there, it's possible you wouldn't have been able to save him. Especially if the needle was still in his arm. It sounds like it happened fast. I remember you posting on opio and remember hearing about your husband, and your adventures. I've always enjoyed your writing. Hopefully writing helps you get through this a bit. Take your mom and anyone who talks to your family off your list on Facebook for any posts that are honest and anything but hunky-dory. I thin you just have to make a group and title it family and then when you post you edit who can see it and choose "everyone but 'family group.'"
Also sharing here with like-minded people is always an option right?

I'm glad you at least got off the subs and clinic. If there is one tiny good thing in all that madness there it is. That's actually huge,  a lot of money/time/sickness has been spared now but the way it happened was not ok.

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Yeah, your rights really don't mean shit when "mental health" is concerned.

I think every state has laws that enable this type of shit when dealing with suicide. A few now have laws that can force detox when someone is addicted to drugs, I'm not sure what the exact requirements are, but I do know it's more than just having a habit, it's something like being unable to care for yourself.

My dad actually had to go through this, not drug related, but after my mom died he was obviously quite depressed. He was disabled but mentally sound, he had people bringing him groceries, just help him with all sorts of stuff. He was supposed to have someone help clean his apartment, but it just sort of never came through (eventually did get it sorted out), so his place was really messy. He did have some perishable food out, so it was bad, but not like, blood, feces, etc bad, nothing toxic. Well for some reason or another a social worker or someone reported that, and he had to go to the "community treatment center" here, despite not being suicidal, being of sound mind, etc. Luckily he got out after a few days, but it really is bullshit.

Sadly, this is nothing new. Kind of coincidentally, I was reading an archived page from opiophile a while back and found one of my old posts, and it just so happened it was related to what you're going through. Here's my post from 8 and a half years ago on opiophile:

"Yeah, when a politician takes steps to make drug addiction a "disease", it's a win-win situation for everybody except the people it's supposed to treat:

1. It makes them look "progressive" and compassionate by APPEARING to "go easy" on drug addicts.

But also....
2. The guise of medical treatment is a good way to do things you can't get away with otherwise. You can't deprive a person of life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness....unless it's for "medical reasons". You can't hold a guy without trial unless it's for "medical reasons" (danger to self/others, they usually say self).

Ever need to lock somebody up for a day? Call 911 and say they're saying they're saying they're gonna kill themselves. None of that "search and seizure bullshit" applies if it's "for your own good". And in a WAY those laws make sense, but it's also easy to abuse, since they lock you up FIRST, and THEN find out what the fuck is going on. A very, VERY mean trick to play on a junkie, ESPECIALLY if the cops and paramedics come while they're nodding out. "

Hate to be the guy quoting himself, it's not that I think it's some valuable wisdom or anything, just interesting how one of the very few pages still archived, happens to apply to a current situation.

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Dude, shit, I am SO FUCKING SORRY about your husband.  What a fucking tragedy you're going through, and adding involuntary commitment on top is just insane.

My concern with you tapering off detox meds (mdone or subs) while still intending to do dope would be that the same thing that happened to your husband would happen to you: you're much more protected from ODing when you have a steady tolerance and a near daily amount of opioids in your system, than if you're just using dope, esp since w dope you're at the mercy of dealers so you might go through involuntary dry spells.  Plus I don't remember where you live but there is SO much fent dope out there right know in the eastern and midwestern and southern states, pretty much anywhere that gets ECP. 

With that said I've personally been fucking SHOCKED lately at how much easier ultra fast tapers/detoxes have been w just a couple of basic comfort meds, even after 15 years of everyday opiate use, compared to what I feared they'd be like.  I don't know if my receptors are just too pooped out to be upset or what, but I too was recently able to step down from a couple years of serious fent habit to almost nothing over a short period with only a few comfort meds, and with almost no difficulty.  I felt shittier when I was 15 mins overdue for my next dose on any given day of heavy using, than I ever felt after stopping it completely, even though I cut my total daily opioid dosage down to like 1/20th of what it was over just a few days.  So it's totally conceivable you could feel fine going from methadone and dope to 2mg subs, esp if they gave you a few comfort meds too. 
something something drug war, social justice blah blah

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    [li$i]Legally prescribed medications (presumably if they're of the narcotic variety) can be taken upon hospitalization, involuntarily detoxed out of your system and NOT GIVEN BACK. (I had a bottle of Xanax, 20, 1mg, prescribed to be "taken as needed for anxiety" that they refused to return upon my discharge).[/li][/list]
    I know this thread is old and dead but WTF? I'm in Georgia so this scares the shit outta me. How the fuck do they get away with stealing YOUR LEGAL MEDS? I mean who wouldn't be anxious and needing Xanax after their spouse passed away? You're definitely not crazy for thinking this was completely fucked up

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    « Reply #18 on: September 01, 2018, 12:04:25 PM »
    I was in an ADAC(Alcohol & Drug Abuse Center) in Dalton, Ga for a week on a 10-13 back in the fall of '12.

    Long story short, I had just moved back south from Philly. I was kinda kicking but fell into old habits when I returned to Ga. I was ready for bed and was yelling to my wife and dog that it was bed time. My mother-in-law thought I was being an ass and insanity pursued.

    I'm going to kill myself. "Fine, go kill yourself.". Fine I will. I walked down the street to the 7-11, asked to use their phone, then called 911.

    I spent the night in the hospital and the next day I was transported to Dalton. I was slightly mad at the time.

    Ohh get this, we could have a benzo upon request. I met a friend in there who had a brother that knew where the fire coke was.

    Rambling now...

    Hope everyone is having a decent night.


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