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Author Topic: Inexperience & Laziness Kills Teenagers Seeking a High  (Read 5380 times)

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Re: Inexperience & Laziness Kills Teenagers Seeking a High
« Reply #14 from previous page: February 01, 2016, 08:07:34 PM »
The irony ..

Are you folks seriously suggesting that they Google it first to learn about the side effects up to and including death ...?

I don't know ..of course it's obvious they do that but don't folks say the same thing about us?
Darwinism thinning out the morons when one of us dies ..or the classic didn't they read the literature on heroin like the rest of us ?

I agree ..it's sad and a waste and a little knowledge could've gone a long way but damn hearing you all repeat these same tired lines was a bit surprising..

I'm not sure what you expected. When Jenkem was all the rage, did you piss and shit in a gatorade bottle just longing for the minute when you could chug that shit down?

I didn't.

When people told you that smoking banana peels would get you ripped, did you run out and smoke banana peels?

How about when you read mushrooms got you high, did you start eating mushrooms until you got high?

Probably not, huh?

I could come up with lots of reasons why these kids shoulda damned well knew better than to drink fucking methanol - reason #1 being THE WARNING on the bottle that says "THIS COULD KILL YOU."

I have done A FUCK TON of drugs in my life, from huffing paint to huffing cleaners and solvents to drinking and smoking all kinds of dumbass shit, and in dumbass combinations, and by all "rights" I probably shouldn't be here today, considering, but one thing I didn't ever do, was drink fucking methanol.

Shit I thought kids came out da womb in TN knowin' 'bout "heads n tails." - Ain't that shit written in the Bible somewhere?? Maybe it outta be..

Don't take this the wrong way Clinton - it's not that I don't like you cos I do, I've never seen you be anything more that totally civil to anyone else around here; and in this case: I feel bad for the families of the kids, but fucking methanol?? Really? What's next, bleach? Lye?

Most of us carry around access to more information in our pockets these days than people 20-30 years ago could access from an encyclopedia with 4 hours in a library. There's really not much excuse.

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Re: Inexperience & Laziness Kills Teenagers Seeking a High
« Reply #15 on: February 02, 2016, 05:44:14 PM »
With dope its not a for sure death sentence like methanol seems to be if your aiming for intoxication. I dated a girl whose sister drank about a half an 8 oz of cup of bleach when she was a toddler. She is completely fine you wouldn't guess that she drank bleach at all unless you think that about southern girls in general, as she was the hunting, farmer type. She drank it on accident her mom had it in a solo cup when she was cleaning and the girl just grabbed it and started downing it, they didn't even have to pump her stomach or anything.

On a side note has anyone tried powder alcohol i think they call it Palcohol which isn't really a clever name but whatever. I always wondered what the effect is and how much you have to toot to equal a 6 pack. I'd probably prefer doing both rather than just drinking it but I have no idea. I remember reading in either the dirt or the heroin diaries that nikki sixx and tommy lee shot up some jack daniels, I bet shooting that would be a bit cleaner if your really into being an alky.


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