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Re: Drug tests/Employment
« Reply #29 from previous page: October 18, 2015, 12:04:28 AM »
I talked to walmart today and they said they are just waiting to get my background check back. I talked to the drug testing place after I got tested and asked if I needed to tell them about my prescriptions. They told me if it went in for further testing they would call me and ask for my prescriptions. I am guessing that sense it had been 2 weeks sense I took any benzos that my piss was clean. I have the prescriptions either way but the hiring manager made it sound like it came back fine and he was just waiting for the background check to come through. Thanks for asking I really hope I get the job and was a little disappointed that I hadn't gotten an answer yet. I just hope I am all good and can switch from tossing dough.

I don't mean to sound negative but try ot to put all your egggs in this one basket and just wait for them.Continue applyine elsewhere while you wait.  When I first moved to Las Vegas and needed a job, any job I applied at the local Sam's Club store. They needed someone to run their photo lab and I had plenty of simiar experience and the manager all but said I would be a shoe-in for me. Then I waited, and waited and never heard another word from them.

I suspect something popped up in my background check, I wasn't even asked to take a drug test but would have passed at that time.

Good jobs are hard to find. The government is always talking about how many new jobs have been created since 2008 and how low the unemployment rate is but those stats are all horseshit. QUALITY, full time jobs with a living wage, health insurance, potential for advancement and job security are scarce. We work longer hours and make less real income than ever before. In fact real wages have been stagnant or dropping since 1972 while costs continue to rise.

What  you have to be careful of is not wasting your 20's and 30's doing bullshit "MacJobs" just to get by because one day you'll wake up and be 40 or 50 and have no hard skills and you will find it more difficult to do physic work, you'l have less tolerance for dipshit coworkers and pointless labor for lss than living wage but then it's too late in the game to make an easy change and employers don't want older people.

It is well known that many Wlamart employees are encouraged (and need) to aplly for food stamps and medicaid becasue their wages don't cover cost of living. That a crime. It is using tax money to subsidize one of the world's largest (and richest) corproations and a half-dozen heirs to Sam Walton. I suspect you will have bettter luck with a "shotgun" approach, just applying everywhere you can think of.

But, the BEST way of finding a good job is by "networking." That is, telling eveyone you know and every one you meet that you are looking for work and in what field.  Most people will say something dumb like " Have you applied at [XYZ Retail store], they are hiring? And because you can't apply at every place in the world they then think they have actually helped by suggesting something you hadn't thught ofwhen all they did was name some random potential employer they know nothing about  except they saw a "Help Wanted" sign there.

Contact old friends, post that you are looking on social media. The ONLY reply that will really help is something like; "You know, we need someone to do [ABC] and I think you could probably do it, do you have a resume?" (Keep a box of them in your car or as a PDF or other Word-type document in your smart phone and get it to them immediately, Follow that up with a thank you call or note for the lead. Make an impression.

If you can look for jobs that still have unions.

Good luck.

ANd don't worry about the drugs test if everything you take is by prescription. When you take it read the directions carefully and ask the test giver something like, "Should I list my prescriptions here?" withut mentioning any of them or what they are for. Methadone for example is prescribed for chronic pain as well as opiod dependency.
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Re: Drug tests/Employment
« Reply #30 on: October 20, 2015, 04:47:25 AM »
That is great news, and a crazy story. I am glad it all worked out for you there is nothing like a 2 week paid vacation. I guess I will look up the number for the drug testing place and see if they need my prescription info. It's good to know for the future that they can't relay that information to the employer so that I don't have to worry about explaining why I am on MMT.

 Do both valium and xanax show up as just a benzo? Would they be able to tell the difference between the 2 on a regular 5 or 8 panel test or would it require a little more testing to see which one it is? I have a prescription for both but was wondering about that. Does valium usually stay in your system longer than xanax? I had taken the valium about 2 weeks before the drug test so I have no idea if it will be in there or not. I doubt the xanax is still in my system sense it had been about 3 weeks since I had taken that before the UA.

Yeah I couldnt believe I won that battle but you have a lot of rights with medical care and MMTis considered a legal prescription they hav eno business knowing about. And it will just show as  "BENZO" on a panel no matter what benxos you took. It takes a much more in depth test for then to differentiate between the different benzos. It's possible but the tests are like $700 and Wal-mart is not gonna pay that. I had a Dr that did that to me before and i saw the bill that is why I know the price is like $700 plus. I wish you mad luck bro!


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