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[1] What are your top 5 biggest seemingly unsolvable problems ?

[2] Harm reduction in hospital settings - article Harm reduction journal 2017

[3] TRANSFORM - After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation

[4] WARNING: Psychonaught and Tripsit are your best resources on DOSING !

[5] Flexeril/cyclobenzaprine drug testing

[6] Anyone have experience with synthethetic urine?

[7] Detox drinks etc?

[8] Best way to store urine till date of drug test

[9] Here's how long different drugs stay in your system

LONG TERM Drug and alcohol use can be mapped through your hair (!)

The End of the Breathalyzer? [science news from that last 10 days]

Drug users interested in cheap test strips that can detect deadly fentanyl

California To Drug Users: We’ll Pay For You To Test Your Dope


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